About Daft Dog Music

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Music for you

Daft Dog Music specialise in music production for all media based applications including TV, film, websites, advertising or live installations. Whatever your musical needs might be – from 5 minutes of orchestral percussion or any form of contemporary music style and through to 30 seconds of singing dogs (yep, we got a request for that once!) – we can give it a go. You can see a small selection of our musical credits here…..

We always aim to get the job done on time, on budget and without the drama (unless, of course, your music is for drama; then we are happy to be dramatic in a musical context at least)… and we do our very best to ask the right questions of you (as the client) to ensure we deliver you the music you want. So, if you need music for your project, then simply get in touch.

A brief bio

Daft Dog Music is run by John Walden. John is a musician/composer and music technology journalist. He divides his time between producing music for media applications (mainly through production music for companies in the U.K. and U.S.A. such as Focus MusicMode Production Music and Hollywood Trax) and writing reviews and techniques articles for one of the world’s leading music technology magazines Sound On Sound. John is originally from the UK but now works with clients from all over the world from a dedicated project studio based in SW France.

John is also a big fan of mobile technology and gets a kick out of exploring and learning about any aspect of music making on his iPhone and iPad (and runs the Music App Blog website as a consequence).

Is he qualified to do your job? Well, John has a PhD in rock. This might be kind of cool (if a little nerdy) but, unfortunately, this is the earth/environmental science kind of rock (even more nerdy) rather than the music kind of rock and it is of absolutely no benefit in his musical efforts. Such is life…. He can write a cracking tune though….

Your privacy

Daft Dog Music also operates a privacy policy. Should you choose to use our ‘Contact Us‘ form to get in touch, we promise never to rent, sell or share your email address.

The daft dog?

That would be Albert…. a beautiful collie that’s long since herding sheep in the doggie afterlife…. but never forgotten. And now, having explained the story, you are also unlikely to forget the name of a company that can supply you with music for your next project…. 🙂